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Fedyushkina Nina Georgievna

Fedyushkina N.
1953 She was born in Dmitrov, June, 7.
1960-70 School education - gymnasium.
1970-75 ArtSchool in Moscow Region.
1975-76 Practice in restauration in Moscow.
1976 An exhibition "Young Painters of Moscow Region".
1976-81 Work as teacher in Dmitrov`s ArtSchool.
1983 An exhibition of portrauta in Prague - Moscow.
1984 The first practice in Prague.
1984 An exhibition of portrauta in Prague - Moscow.
1985 The second practice in Prague.
1985 An exhibition of Russian Art - Moscow.
1985 An exhibition of Russian Art in Chicago.
1986 The practice in Latvia - Riga.
1986 An exhibition of young Painters from Russia and Germany in Berlin. Diplom for Hie best Work
1987 An exhibitions "The youth of the country".
1988 An exhibition of Russian Art in Hamburg - Russian and German Painters.
1988 An exhibitions in Austria in Vien.
1988-89 The practice in Estonia - Tallinn.
1989 An exhibition of Russian youth in Moscow.
1990 The practice in Finland - Helsinki.
1990 The practice in Greece - Patra.
1990 An exhibition "Trienali of the portraits" in Poland - Radom.
1991 An exhibition - competition "Gold brush" The 1 prize - Moscow.
1992 A personal exhibition in Central House of Artists in Moscow.
1993 Art - Myth Moscow.
1994 An exhibition of European Art in Sweden - Geneva.
1996 A personal exhibition in Dmitrov.
1997 An exhibition in state Duma - Moscow.
1999 An exhibition in France - Fayence.
2000 An exhibition in Dmitrov.
2001 An exhibition in Germany - Schorndorf - Wurtt.
2002 An exhibition in Germany - Weiblingen.
2003 An exhibition in Holland, Flevoland (Lelistad).
2003 An exhibition in Germany in Schorndorf.
2004 A Wall-paintin a Modern church in Holand (Almere-Haven).
2005 An exhibition in Holland, Lelistad (28.11.05-09.01.06).
2006 An exhibition in Holland, Exhibition "Park design".
2009 An exhibition in Holland, Exhibitipn "3 painter" (week of Russian culture).
2011 A personal exhibition in Dmitrov.